Domestic Investigations


AILPS of Michigan utilizes the latest in investigative methods, equipment and database searches. Specializing in Divorce, Infidelity, Matrimonial, Relationship and Child Custody Investigations. 


CHILD CUSTODY – Do you need to know what environment your child is exposed to when you are not around? Do you know where your spouse is taking your child and who they come into contact with? AILPS can help you by collecting evidence and answers. It is important to keep records, obtain video and focus on evidence that will show that the other parent my not be as good a parent as you.


DIVORCE – AILPS will find out if there has been other activities that you don’t know about prior to the divorce.


SURVEILLANCE – If you really need to know and just asking is not an option to you, it often requires surveillance to get the answers your looking for.  AILPS provides  those services and we only focus on the truth and getting evidence of those suspicous and unknown activities.