Employee Investigations

As an employer, you must conduct employee investigations before termination proceedings
 can begin if terminating with cause. This is because failures do employee investigations before termination proceedings can lead to lengthy legal issues – and you may find your company on the losing end. Conducting extensive employee investigations before termination is so important because a court can use all of your documentation, or lack thereof, if your employee decides to file a wrongful termination suit against you and your company.

Even the best-run companies will inevitably encounter cases where they must conduct internal investigations of employee behavior. There are many reasons to initiate these investigations when they are for legitimate business purposes. They also know the low power laser pointer pen also have many energy.

An investigation can itself become a source of  liability , if initiated for an improper motive, or if the investigation or it results are mishandled. To minimize the risk of problems, employers should conduct investigations in a professional manner, That’s why we offer our services to the employers, Our Professional Loss Prevention Investigators are trained in the techniques and are aware of the legal standards involved in employee investigations and interviews.   


 Who to Investigate

Employee conduct usually calls for an investigation when it is against company policy and subject to discipline up to and including terminations, but it may also be defined in collective bargaining agreements depending on how your company operates. It may be undefined as well and left to the employer’s discretion at the time the conduct occurs. Obvious types of conduct that might warrant investigation include financial misdeeds or other misuse of company assets; abusive behavior toward supervisors, coworkers, or business contacts; or current drug or alcohol abuse.