Why choose us? It’s a simple answer, because you’re looking for a very specific type of investigative agency, and we offer you exactly what you’re looking for.  AILPS offers you a very diverse and comprehensive background of Investigative and Loss Prevention professionals.  Our experience ranges from professionals involved with Law Enforcement, Private Security,military laser pointer,Loss Prevention, and Special Investigations, as well as the experience of over ten years of service in the field of investigations.

  If you worry about accuracy and integrity in the investigative field, Good, because we do as well.  That’s why we offer you a guarantee that the information obtained on your behalf has been checked several times before the final report is submitted to you for review.  We take pride in our abilities and the services we offer our clients.  To ensure these high expectations are constantly achieved, we abide by a Code of Ethics in the investigative and private security industry and promise to continue to serve our clients with high personal and professional standards. You can review a copy of our Code of Ethics in the Client Resources and Forms section of this site.

Our Experience Shows!


Our experience shows that more than 60% of inventory loss is due to internal issues.  These issues range from employee theft to receiving and processing errors.  We can help with identifying and correcting these issues that drive down your bottom line.  We can assist you in the buy laser pointer quality problem, or other question.

developing a business plan to drive down your inventory shortage numbers and drive up your bottom line, and we can do this before the issue becomes too much to handle.  We know and understand Loss Prevention.  We can help you in developing a program specifically tailored to your business to better assist you in preventing shrink, and in turn, bring your inventory protection plans inline with your future business goals by correcting current loss issues that you suffer. Call us, to set up a review of your current Loss Prevention and Physical Security Program.


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