Our Agency

Advanced Investigative and Loss Prevention Services of Michigan is a full service investigation agency specializing in Employee, Insurance, Legal, and Domestic Investigations, we also provide specialized services for business. We pride our selves in the ability to quickly gather information for your laser pointer set and business needs.

As our name states, we are advanced in investigation, and we specialize in areas of lossprevention, investigation, and business controls. We use state of the art equipment and investigative techniques, along with trained and experienced investigators making AILPS the best and most cost effective choice for your investigative and loss prevention concerns. 


Our Investigators and Specialist have shown time proven abilities in information gathering, and all have completed training by Licensed Professional Investigators and Loss Prevention experts, and have been AILPS certified to properly assist you while upholding our Professional Code of Ethics and military laser pointer and professional investigative standards.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you, whatever you investigative needs may be.  We ask that you review our site, and if a question arises, we offer you the opportunity to contact us at anytime, to discuses your case and concerns.