Pecialized Services for Business

Loss Prevention Consulting
Many companies see theft, loss, and fraud as a part of the daily cost of operating a business, and then only address problems when they arise. AILPS believes that improvements to your business and security operations can bring up your bottom line through managing and helping prevent fraud with specially designed, and proven loss prevention strategies and controls.  AILPS recognizes that as a business owner or operator you may build in theft and other losses into your bottom line through financial forecasting. We also know that implementing effective Loss Prevention, while monitoring, and adapting these controls, gives companies the opportunity to reduce significant loss over time.  This in turn greatly increases your bottom line.Some people have the question is the how to open laser pointer pen ?
Fraud Investigation

A fraud investigation tries to determine whether or not fraud has taken place and tries to detect evidence if fraud has occurred.

Fraud is considered to involve misrepresentation with an intent to deceive and deprive people and business of assets.  Fraud is a very real and costly problem in today’s world, and it causes not only loss of money but could also lead to loss of life and or serious injuries.

Our investigators assist in information protection for businesses.  We counsel our clients in protecting there customers from false or  we investigate security breaches on customer, and proprietary information.  Many of those issues that arise are the direct result of the internal theft of information, such as; lead lists, annual reports, company financial, and product development information. Its not always corporate espionage from the outside.  We make recommendations regarding Loss Prevention practices to protect that information before, and after its printed, before its sent away through email, or copied onto a removable flash drive.

Our Loss Prevention Specialist and Fraud consulting team works with you to:

  1. Analyze the potential causes of loss within your business and helps design effective controls.
  2. Analyze operational and business processes to uncover potential errors, waste, and Inventory shrink. 
  3. Uncover where you are susceptible to loss from theft or fraud, and if its main cause is from employees, contractors, vendors, or customers and make appropriate recommendations to correct these issues.