Insurance and Legal Investigations

Many people ask, “What is insurance fraud?”  An insurance fraud investigation is an investigation done to find out whether or not insurance fraud is happening.  We offer investigative services to insurance companies, Legal Firms, and private consulting firms.  The goal of an insurance fraud investigation is to determine what happened, if it was legal, who or what was responsible for the incident if necessary, and if the claimant is truly entitled to benefits under the claim.

Insurance and financial fraud is a major issue.

Fraudulent claims are harmful to companies and there Clients. Companies lose millions of dollars paying out on fraudulent claims, and this drives the cost of premiums up in order to offset the cost of fraud.

We offer Insurance Companies, Legal Firms, and consulting firms specialized services and discounts in:


  • Accident Scene Review and Investigation  
  • Locating Witnesses
  • Witness Interviews
  • Claimant Interviews
  • Physical Surveillance
  • Background Investigations
  • Past court case filings and lookups 
  • Process Serving