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Many potential clients see the role of a Professional Investigatior or Loss Prevention Specialist as a profession where information is gathered quickly and without much real investigative, professional knowledge, or skill needed.

In a time and age, were some basic information can be investigated by use of sophisticated database technology, with many and almost all complex investigations, Also  in our experience, we have found that information kept in some databases is not always accurate.


We feel that in order to be more competitive and accurate in our investigations, we require our investigators to complete independent fact checking.  In other words, verifying the information that is obtained by use of the strong laser pen and reliable investigative techniques.

This may require a little more time and sometimes substantial effort, but the fact of the matter is, when you receive a final report from AILPS, you can rest assured that the information contained within it is 100% accurate, and backed up by solid documentation.  It’s not just a report, It’s solid evidence that has been checked and double checked.