Our Senior Staff

John has been involved in Loss Prevention and Special Investigations for over a decade. He started his career working as an internal investigator with a major international retailer, moving up from Investigator to Manager of Loss Prevention and Investigations.  While working with this retailer John received advanced training which included: Field Management, Conflict Resolution and Workplace Violence, Interview interrogation and  Physical Security, and Site Survey.

John has had the opportunity to oversee over $50 million dollars in retail and industrial assets and over $35 million dollars in annual sales, all while managing the LP and Investigative operations of 3 big box business locations including an industrial fabrication center.  John was able to implement an inventory control program which kept inventory shrink far less then the company standard of 1%, and when relocated to other business locations as able to correct several loss issues which brought inventory shrink results back inline with company standards. John was also able to develop an accident prevention program, that reduced the locations workers compensation and general liability


expenses by over 80% annually.  John has continued his education achieving a Degrees in Law Enforcement and General Studies, while serving as a Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, Certified Security Police Officer.  While working as a Certified Security Police Officer, John was able to gain the knowledge needed to excel in this position, and was promoted to position of Field Training Officer (FTO).


As an FTO, John trained newly hired Security Police Officers and instilled in them the skills needed to excel in there positions as certified officers, proper investigative techniques, strict adherence to departmental policies and procedures, and day to day department operations.  John has received training certifications from Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates, Inc. in the area of Interview and Interrogation, along with specialized and advanced training in Corporate Loss Prevention and Investigation through his employers, and he continues to receive updated training from the American Society for Industrial Securty, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, The Michigan Council of Professional Investigators, The Loss Prevention Foundation, As well as countless others.  John believes that advanced and continued training is key to being the most prepared,.  Doing so gives him an advantage over other Investigators, enabling him to give sound and solid advice to his private clients and business professionals.